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I-Mark Champion Training 

Event Date: Fri 17th Nov

Event Time: 10am to 12.00pm

Event Duration: 2 hours

Number of Places Available: 5

Who Should Attend?
This training is open to all staff, Board Members and volunteers

Event Description:
In this session, participants will learn about :
1. The inherent conflicts of interest between the motives of the alcohol industry and health and wellbeing
2. The ‘six key causes of concern’ that I-Mark seeks to challenge and resist
3. How to use the toolkit and promote it with other groups and organisations in your own network / sector
4. Promoting I-Mark in three four easy steps; adopting it, talking about it, sharing information about it, and promoting it using the standardised slide deck

There will be opportunities for peer learning and also some skill practice included in the session.


How to book:

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