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Family Support Non-Violent ResistanceNon-Violent Resistance

Family Support Non-Violent Resistance

Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) is an evidence-based intervention used with parents and carers who experience abuse or violence from children.

This abuse can look differently from family to family, sometimes is it physical violence, other times it might look like controlling or emotional abuse, or financial abuse. It is something that can be very difficult for families experiencing this type of behaviour but is becoming increasingly common – Parentline report that 25% of all calls come from parents talking about and fearful of, abusive and violent behaviour towards them from their child under 18 years old (See www.Parentline.ie and Wayman, 2021).

If this is something you think could benefit your family, you can register for the FREE 8-week online course by clicking on the link below to see when the next course will take place https://www.wrdatf.ie/family-support-online-groups-and-events-family-support-calendar-of-groups-and-events.php

Or contact a Drug & Alcohol Family Support Worker to make further enquires https://www.wrdatf.ie/family-support-services.php