Agency Collaboration

Since its establishment, and by its very nature, the Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force has taken a collaborative approach to the work it does in the region. This includes interagency working and projects, consultation and also partnership.

Just some of the benefits of this style of collaborative working are:

  • Bringing stakeholders together
  • Pooling of resources
  • Sharing of knowledge and expertise
  • A reduction on waste and a saving on duplication of work
  • Better decision making and a broader understanding of problems

Thus, when we collectively agree on goals and decide how to reach them, everyone benefits.  Bear in mind that by working together and supporting each other; statutory bodies, voluntary organisations, community representatives and the public at large can accomplish great things and build for a more promising future.

​Some examples of collaborative projects include: 

Galway City Strategy to Prevent and Reduce Alcohol-Related Harm 2013-2017

This five-year strategy was developed to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm in Galway City. It is informed by research on effective approaches to tackling alcohol related harm and focuses on four key areas:

  • Prevention
  • Supply, Access and Availability
  • Screening, Treatment and Support Services
  • ​Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

This strategy was prepared by Galway Healthy Cities Alcohol Forum  in partnership with a range of organisations and groups. These included HSE West, An Garda Siochana, City of Galway VEC, NUI Galway, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Galway City Council and Galway City Community Forum.  The strategy is based on a number of principles including community development, partnership, collaboration, and advocacy.

Regional Parents Initiative

This is an education initiative that is offered out to secondary schools across the region.  It is a collaborative undertaking involving the schools themselves, their parents and representatives from An Garda Síochána, the Depertment of Education, the HSE Drusg Service and the WRDATF Education Support Workers.  Typically it runs over four seperate evenings in consecutive weeks and it aims to equip parents with the skills, knowedge and expertise to talk to their young people about drugs and alcohol, set rules and boundaries in this area and know how to get help when and if they need it.  The Regional Parents Initaiative has been running succesfully since 2010.