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What is SAOR?

SAOR Brief Intervention for Alcohol and Substance use is a short, helpful conversation that focuses on assessing, and if necessary, assists a person to consider and alter their alcohol consumption/substance use. Brief interventions have shown to be effective in initiating change in consumption for people with mild to moderate alcohol/drug problems and in helping people with more significant difficulties to access specialised treatment services.

SAOR Brief Intervention for Alcohol Use was developed by Jim O’Shea and Paul Geoff. It is the agreed HSE national model for training in Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcohol and Substance Use is the SAOR© (Support, Ask and Assess, Offer Assistance and Referral) model (O’Shea and Goff, 2009).

The 2nd edition of SAOR (SAOR II) has now been launched and builds on the learning and understanding derived from delivering interventions and training workers in a diverse range of settings including: acute care settings, mental health services, child and family, community based drugs services, homeless agencies, primary care services, third level colleges, criminal justice, youth and sporting organisations.

SAOR II offers a step-by-step guide for practice, to guide workers in using a person-centred approach throughout their conversation, encounter or engagement with a service user. SAOR II supports workers from their first point of contact with a service user to enable them to deliver brief interventions and to facilitate those presenting with more complex needs with entry into treatment programmes as per the NDRF National Protocols and Common Assessment Guidelines (2011).

The Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force co-ordinate the roll out of SAOR© Brief Intervention for Alcohol and Substance Use in the Western Region.

To book a place on a SAOR course go to the WRDATF Training calendar for upcoming dates. Alternatively if you would like to organise an in-house training complete the in-house booking form and email to training@wrdatf.ie