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About the Western Region Drugs Task Force

Mission Statement

  • To develop an integrated and well-managed response to drug and alcohol problems across the region
  • To propose a range of solutions and service interventions based on the four pillars of the National Drugs Strategy
  • To ensure that responses are monitored and evaluated according to best practice and value for money principles.

History of the Task Force

The Western Region Drugs Task Force (WRDTF) is a co-ordinating body established in May 2003. The function of the taskforce is to research, develop and implement, using a partnership approach, a coordinated, regionally-appropriate response to substance misuse.

The WRDTF which covers counties Galway, Mayo and Roscommon was established as one of the key recommendations of the National Drugs Strategy 2001-2008. Our overall aim is to significantly reduce the harm caused to individuals and society by the misuse of drugs through a concerted focus on supply reduction, prevention, treatment and research.